Security 1 Solutions


    • 4-MBE8 (A) Small Business Administration
    • Veteran Owned Small Business
    • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)-MD Dept. of Transportation (MDOT)
    • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)-MDOT
    • Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)-MDOT
    • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)-PA Unified Certification Program (PA-UCP)
    • Small, Woman, Minority Owned Business (SWaM)-Virginia Dept. of Minority Business Enterprise
    • Small Business Reserve (SBR)-MD Dept. of General Services (DGS)
    • Local Small Business Reserve Program (LSBRP)-Montgomery County MD
    • Small Diverse Business (SDB)-PA Dept. of General ServicesPrint
    • Graduate firm-Veteran Institute for Procurement

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